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sábado, 27 de setembro de 2014

Rosenilda Rocha Moura - Sophye Agente - defesa pela verdade do RGI, no Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

Mr. Secretary General of the UN, housing issues 

Rodrigo Couto, newly elected president, Association of Villa residents of Guimarães, still in the process of organizing cnpj Association, and with a serious problem, are on average 657 residents at this location for tablets proprietaria supposed Supermix-Ibrata, which explores the way irregular quarry in the same place and wants to evict the residents, in order to pressure, impose social commit terror and make explosions at inappropriate times. We are being massacred with injunctions based on lies joined in a process where the forged signature of the then owner late Mr Oscar guimarães, who at that time shared in your site in 56 thousand square meters, where the same family has created their land and settled as small farmers. 

We are being massacred and even with the defense of the law firm, there is a social reflection, and hence leaves us spread the margin of local society, as invaders of land, a fact that is a big untruth. 

We have our unity, our strength, to comply with environmental issues, healthy living projects, with the coexistence of low environmental impact, legalizing our street, our house, planting trees and doing our ability to fight for our land rights since the our birth. 
We have a bond of love in this place where we raise our children, breathe this air and unfortunately when the air is polluted, the explosions are more frequent and our health and the reflection of the health of the planet at risk with high environmental impact. 
therefore, denounce Supermix concrete- mouth bush lot 5 Vargem Small - Riode Janeiro RJ. Brazil, which is choked every activity of explosions and archiving irregular concrete around, including scrap conteniers and fittings, causing risk of dengue, diseases and risk of bandits hiding. 
Our association may seem small and humble, however the people are strong and want the clear justice. 
We ask for acceptance. 
President - Rodrigo Couto

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