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quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2011

V Encontro Holístico de Conservatória – RECICLANDO A CONSCIÊNCIA - Professora Claudia Nascimento Silva, Madalena Souza e Rhahmita Jordão - Apae-Barra do Pirai

The V Holistic Registry will bombardment this year. Yesterday I was in APAE, I am happy to confirm the presence of "Pedagogical Workshop on Paper Recycling" APAE Barra do Pirai, Professor Claudia do Nascimento Silva, even with the proposed Social Inclusion. APAE make an exhibition of recycled paper products, beautiful things that I recorded and posted on Face Book. The director of APAE, Mrs. Ana Paula Simonetti, go with your team and a group of students. The Workshop will take place on Saturday APAE 24.06.

Access fbook to see the photos. Or you can choose to publish in a newspaper to call for the meeting. You can share photos and tb event that is posted on my page.

APAE Bar Piraí tb me and invited Professor Sophy "Shamanic" Baginski for a living body, and meditation with the teachers that was scheduled for 06 May, Friday. So do two experiences of 01:30 hours (morning and afternoon) with the teachers in this day and practice with students in the afternoon.

Holistic Registry OV meeting whose theme is Recycling Awareness aims to promote and raise awareness of the importance of daily practice of recycling by creating sustainable conditions for a better world, whether in relation to things of day-to-day relations with the environment, with the physicality and social relations with the ecology in general. Then discuss with a holistic vision of education, esoteric, human and spiritual, social inclusion, all these issues in order to promote the welfare and peace for all.

The schedule is being organized with lectures, experiences, yoga classes, shamanic initiation of the staff, consultations Astrology, Tarot, massages, organic food, natural and native as well as an exhibition of organic products and esoteric.

I believe that the participation of everyone, especially readers of the Journal Special Section V will be very important in this meeting Holistic.

Rhahmita Jordan, March 24, 2011

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