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quarta-feira, 16 de março de 2011

Shaman, Sophye Baginski -

A staff is a stick Shaman, characteristically having a curved upper end hooked or semicircle. It is used to playing at the gates of the worlds of light so that they return to their path does not stray from the path. On some occasions, the staff could be used as a weapon. The staff recognizes its owner by the smell, so the secret keys will recognize the staff and test with the forces, so never use the staff another pessoa.O staff has two main functions: When held by the side of the curve serves as Stick to correct those who err, and by holding the right side serves to rescue the fallen in holes or precipíciodos worlds of so many lives, pulling up the souls of the curve of the crook, it's indicated very alone even try coisa.não , you can get lost in vain. wait for the birth of his Staff. (text protected by law - Rights to Sophy Baginski-RRM)

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