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quarta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2010

HOLD SECRET -Sophye Baginski

HOLD SECRET - Sophye Baginski

The person you secretly

that invades my soul for the whole day,

by my secret desires

my new ideas.

To thee eternal beauty

constant search for the impossible.

In your eyes full of mysteries.

To your mystical language and ice cream.

As your photo and your smile.

With my heartfelt speech;

one that conducts electrons.

To your beautiful eagle eye

and thy voice of a wolf.

At our meeting late and secret

mysterious temple in the dream.

Even when I'll be waiting for you?

If this field

I am content to look at you and admire you.

I love my own folly in having you.

How do you prove it?

How do you love?

As this matter of loving touches and desires?

Until my ego to bear

such a distance?

By birth and death wins.

Freed by his crimes.

By secret trials.

By winged horses of our love.

Once your eyes got real

staring me in your Slavic language.

Your skin reddened by the cold

and your teeth straight.

For your knowledge and your secret.

For my natural farce!


Everything makes me be a lover

this thesis Secret Intelligence.

I look to you for all time

deep in hopes of peace.

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